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Thunderbird to PST Conversion (Safe, Easy and Accurate)


Switch up to the next level of Thunderbird to PST Conversion with this exceptional conversion tool: Mail Extractor Pro.

If you are stuck at a mediocre level of Thunderbird to PST Conversion and still compromising with it, then don’t. USL Software has changed the face of Thunderbird to PST Conversion forever. No more compromising.

Myths about Thunderbird to PST Conversion

Thunderbird to PST Conversion is considered to be an extremely hard process. In reality that is not the case. The tool might have some technical aspects but is not hard. To get the most out of your conversion process all you need is the right help.

Help becomes necessary as there is no direct way of importing Thunderbird data to Windows Outlook. That means it is up to you to figure out how you’ll transfer the data from your previous account to your current account.

This is necessary because Thunderbird uses a different format, MBOX, for storing your email data and Windows Outlook uses PST for storing the data. Therefore, all the data in MBOX format is alien for Outlook and it won’t accept it.

So, to ensure that all of your get transferred you need to perform Thunderbird to PST Conversion.

Converting Thunderbird to PST with the best

Third-party converter tools have been the go-to solution of experts when it comes to converting Thunderbird to PST. They are software tools that enhance your conversion process with the help of latest technical features.

As mentioned earlier, USL Software swept aside the competition with its exceptional converter tool, Mail Extractor Pro. The complete solution for your conversion process.

Equipped with all the best features the tool gives you an extra edge over other substandard conversion solutions.


Autoloads the entire email database:

The tool skips many unnecessary things that usually takes place in a conversion process when the solution used is non smart solution is used. First of them is the process of loading up the files for conversion.

With usual converter tools, you need to first extract the data from the raw form, convert it into MBOX files and then convert it into PST format. This makes up your Thunderbird to PST Conversion.

Mail Extractor Pro helps you avoid all this. The tool directly starts converting the data from the identity folder of your Thunderbird folder structure. This will speed up the conversion process and helps you avoid any errors that may occur while extracting of data.

It’s no rocket science

Well, it sure doesn’t feel like it when you are using a substandard conversion solution. The interface of ordinary converter tools is usually overcrowded with unnecessary features and make the whole experience much harder than it is.

The tool solves this problem of yours too. It provides you with a very easy to use interface that only shows what is required to get the conversion process done. It also provides you with informative wizards and dialog boxes at every step of your Thunderbird to PST Conversion to ensure that you are on the right path.

Today, get the Thunderbird to PST converter free download trial to enjoy all these and a lot more features.