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Migrate Apple Mail to PST with this exceptional converter tool!

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Migrating Apple Mail to PST can be fun or a tiring experience, depending upon how you approach it. The tools used play a major part in getting the job done effectively. Here is one software utility that will help you get past all the obstacles that comes in your conversion process.

The challenges you face during Apple Mail to PST Migration

Individually Apple Mail and Windows Outlook work perfectly fine. They are very popular on their respective operating systems. They have garnered a huge userbase and provide effective service to them.

But when it comes to exchange of data between the two, things get complicated. You cannot directly migrate Apple Mail data to PST, as both of them aren’t compatible with each other in that respect.

Therefore, you need to convert the data before migrating it. This may seem easy but can be a long and tiring experience which can result in things like data loss if not carried out properly. Here is how you can make your migration process smoother and better.

Migrating Apple Mail data to PST Effectively

You can approach the process either manually or with the help of third-party software tools. The former approach only works with database of small scales. If the amount of data that needs to be converted consists of one or two folders with not so sensitive data, then you can take that approach.

But it will still require you to have a server with IMAP protocol facility and a large storage space. The approach fails when the size of your database increases beyond a limit. Therefore, the use of a third-party software utility is preferred.

The Best solution for migrating Apple Mail to PST

If you have time, then you can try out all the available utility software present in the market and then settle for the one that works for you. Or you can go for the software utility that all experts and casual users recommend.

Mail Extractor Pro

This converter tool from USL Software is the best solution you can get your hands on. A feature loaded powerful tool that helps you with all the aspects of your Apple Mail to PST migration.

migrate apple mail to pst

You can get it for Mac Mail, Postbox, MBOX and Thunderbird to PST conversion.

There are many features of the tool that make it stand out from the rest of the crowd present in the market. Features like:

Auto loading the email database:

The tool doesn’t require you to manually load your MBOX or EMLX files for conversion. It skips these unnecessary steps and directly identifies the identity folder of your email client. From their it directly loads up the data for conversion, making the process faster and bug free.

apple mail to pst migration

Exceptional Interface:

The interface of the tool is one of it stand out features. It makes the conversion process very easy and smooth. Even the unexperienced users can convert the data quickly and effectively.

Conversion Accuracy:

The tool provides you with one of the best conversion accuracies in the business. It converts all kinds of data present in the input files without any complications and even provides support for formats like Unicode.

Get free trial

If you are looking for Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird/Postbox or MBOX to PST converter, then this tool will help you out.

migrating apple mail to pst

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The tool offers a lot more than this. Download the free trial of the tool today and get started with your Apple Mail to PST migration process.